Friday, February 17, 2017

What is Happiness?

What is happiness? "Happiness is a choice. You are the only person who can make you happy. You're as happy as you choose to be." -Rick Waren. Happiness can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. What I mean by that is, happiness can mean so many things to different people. For some happiness can be winning the lottery while for others it can mean their families and most valuable things. The value of happiness can only be determined by one itself. You define your happiness based on your emotions, not your friends nor neighbors.
You don't have to be rich to be happy. There are many millionaires out there that are filthy rich but live with such a lack of happiness. For an example, Robert Williams, who was an American stand-up comedian and actor who died in 2014. His widow believed that he was suffering from a rare form of dementia which might of led to lack of reason. It was so strong that he one day decided to hang himself from his ceiling. He had everything a man could ever ask for except for "happiness". The saying "Money can buy happiness", is not necessarily true. It might be able to buy everything you need but it surely can't buy happiness. The reason being is because the happiness people get when spending or having money doesn't last long.
What is life without your own meaning of happiness? Can that question ever be answered completely? If so how can we make our happiness last? These may or may not be questions most of us have half the time. In my religion happiness doesn't come til after we have been baptized. Many may disagree. Happiness can come from anywhere. It can come when your barely waking up, because your thankful to be able to breathe and be alive. It can from doing what you love to do like sports, reading, and maybe even working at your job. You decide what makes YOU not what makes others happy. I mean if makes you and others happy then that is great but always remember that at the end of the day your happiness matters just as much.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

What does it take for someone to be their best self?

Many ought to believe that at an early age you should be expected to know how to be your best self. But it doesn't work that way. It doesn't come overnight. It takes steps and time. Some things just can't be rushed. Patience is one of the factors of how to become a better you. We all have made a bunch of mistakes but that should not be an excuse to try to be the best that we can possibly be. You always have to have a positive mind regarding the situation. Yes we are going to have to go through obstacles but that only makes us stronger for whats prepared for us ahead. There is no struggle that you can't overcome. Life is going to trick your mind into thinking you don't deserve to be here but let me tell you something, life is nobody without us. Without everybody life wouldn't be called life. It would not exist. So life needs us just as much as we need it.

You don't have to see the whole staircase. just take the first step. That is how you start by taking that first step. Because that first step will take you into the direction you want to be taken to. Perfection doesn't exist but persistence does. Fighting through the struggles will seem really hard at first but once your actually in it and overcome it you will make you stronger. You need to love yourself before you can love anybody else and that is a plain fact. Love is huge too. Because without it we wouldn't have meaning to life. Life would be cruel and depressing. Nobody would want to live. Its that sunshine to your mornings, its your peanut to your butter, the tinkle in your eye, the blue to your sky, and most importantly the beat to your heart.

Should Freshmen Be Able to Play Varsity Sports?

The main questions here are does the freshmen make the team better? Is the freshmen socially mature enough to compete with juniors and seniors? Unfortunately, many freshmen that make varsity teams, a relationship can be traced from the varsity coach to the parents of the freshmen. Which have made a financial contribution to the school/team/coach, etc.
In some cases the freshmen may not get more playing time on varsity than he/she may receive on the freshmen team but the level of play, practice, and exposure on the varsity level may pay dividends in the coming years. If they are getting a shot to having a spot on varsity as a freshmen, the talent has to be there and just needs to perfected.

Many may agree that freshmen should not be allowed to play on a varsity team. That they are not ready. And say it is a shame to see juniors get cut off over freshmen. But that should tell juniors to step up their game and stop taking their position for granted. A junior varsity player can come in a take your position because they are willing to always work hard and stay humble. It is not the freshmen’s fault that juniors sometimes slack off thinking they don't have to work as much just cause they already made the varsity team.

Some schools don't even have a freshmen softball team. They only have Junior Varsity and Varsity teams. The goal for a junior varsity should be to teach the girls the fundamentals of the game and to get the other girl’s game experience. While on the other hand, varsity Is all about winning. Some parents have beliefs like: No freshmen should ever play on varsity team left alone be a starter, only juniors and seniors play or start on varsity. ALL players should have the equal amount of playing time. Freshmen should have the same opportunities that are given to juniors as a player. A junior could of played little league all their lives, when a freshmen has only played a couple years and can still be as talented. Maybe not better but can be better.

Oregon’s Jenna Lilley, Alabama’s Alexis Osorio and Oklahoma’s Paige Parker are the three outstanding freshmen student- athletes that made the final cut. Who said freshmen aren't able to play varsity sports.

“I play for the name on the front of my jersey. And make sure they remember the name on the back” - Source Unknown


Stereotyping is so common in our society. It makes us believe that who we are isn't normal or no one cares about it. This is why teens focus so much on trying to fit into other groups to see if like that they will get accepted. But what we aren't focusing on is that when we feel like were losing ourselves is when we are really finding ourselves. What I mean by that is a lot of teens think that was they are put a label and its taken away from them, they feel like they have lost themselves. But in reality they are only finding themselves. It is difficult to hang around with a bunch of people who are happy with what others have labeled on themselves that they want to feel what they feel. That is where depression, anxiety, and maybe even suicide because they realize that is not who they were meant to be. They also realize that they could be better off alone being happy with themselves. Many teens start off without loving themselves. They can't see what those who love and care about see. Why? Because they care about those who don't care about her, don't even know her, and those who are supposedly the cool ones.
Some people don't even like their race because others don't. Some don't even like the way they dress because it doesn't fit society's looks. It doesn't just happen to teens but to children and adults. That is how bullying starts and messes up someones emotional mind state. People need to stand up to all these situations. Whether it's a home, school or anywhere else. Nobody has the right to judge anybody. If they were to judge anybody they should consider taking a look at themselves. Everyone has the right to be who they are, dress, talk, and be.

Is It Possible to Lie Without Saying a Word?

Is it possible to lie without saying a word? There are many answers to this question. Nothing is impossible. Your body language and your facial expressions can tell it all. Many people like to jump to conclusions real quick which can help figure out if someone is lying. But that isn't the case. Your eyes can scream that your lying or that something is wrong. Looking deeply into someones dark eyes can even give you the chills. Lying doesn't always have to come in words. It can come in all kinds of ways. I can eat my mom's chocolate bar without her consent and she would be able to tell if I ate it or not. If your a bad lair in general then maybe you can get away with it by not saying word. You can also be lying in writing. Your not saying right so then writing wouldn't be consider cheating in this case. Communication with gestures as already mentioned above can be a really good way in tricking other your telling the truth. If the problem your lying is about is a serious one then I recommend you lying without saying a word. Why? Because it would make it harder for people to tell whether your telling the truth or not. It also may be easier for someone who knows you very well to notice your lying because you don't usually lie without saying a word. So basically its like a win win but yet like I said if it was a serious case where it involves jail time or even death I wouldn't risk anything. But lying can change who someone is as a person because you feel like if you open up you will get false advice because they are so use to lying. Watch out for liars who lie without saying a word.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Book Report

Dear Bonnie Shimko,
I am so glad you wrote your book despite all the murder. The way you made a murder story so interesting, made me interested in the darker side of storytelling. I found out your type of writing is thriller. Not like Micheal Jackson, but dark. Maggie’s voice in her head telling her to kill people should have had more of a personality, in my opinion. It would have been cool to find out the voice was her father, but the way how it was also her grandmother’s made it tie back down to a more realistic story. When she was meeting her father, it was nerve racking when she didn’t tell him that he was innocent, but I understand why. If he would have found out and told the police, Maggie would have gotten in much more trouble. Harry, Maggie’s step-father, when he died, you built him so well that even I cried. Roxie, her mother, is more of a sister, but when Harry dies, it makes us worried about their future and how they’re going to live financially. Harry and Roxie’s relationship are not what would be expected, but when Harry explained how they came to be, it made us respect him even more. At the looney bin, when Maggie planned to kill Maizie’s parents, we would have liked to have seen how that would happened. In the beginning Maggie was super against listening to the voice, but in the end it’s obvious she doesn’t even need the voice anymore to kill. She said it was too faint to even be heard anymore. She was an angel, but turned to a demon in the end. With the next book, there should be more involvement with the biological father and Roxie. Maybe get Maggie to take over the funeral home and let her find an equally as bad person. She should perhaps renew her morals and have another inner struggle. She should become friends with that girl again, and start being pen pals. It’d be really nice if she grew up and have a son with the same problems, but they ever tell each other. Perhaps have her have actual problems with the police. It’d be nice if the mental lady was involved more, she was a nice character.

Jacqelyn Espinoza and Cameron Beauzec

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Role of Conformity in Identity Development

The role of conformity in identity development is a huge part for adolescents. They might not notice because they think they already know who they are. But in reality we don't know who we are. We don't realize that until we grow older and wiser. Almost every girl teen wants to be like the girls in those romantic movies or on those teen magazines. They satisfy themselves with the idea of what other teenage girls are like. Same goes with boys. They think they are more tough and that they don't need to be like others. But in reality they have people they look up and want to be just like them. Whether it be a wrestler and Calvin Klein underwear model or even the most handsome man in the world. Everyone confirms themselves with these types of examples. What is interesting about all this is the fact that nobody really wants to be themselves. Who cares if other don't agree, you were not put on this earth to impress and get permission from the world to be who you are. That is why I admire people who dress different than those around them because that lets me and everyone else know the person understands that its better to be yourself than some else. One day people are going to want to be like you, why? Because they will see how happy you are just doing you, enjoying life the way you want to. Society may have a huge voice in your head but it doesn't mean you have to listen to it. Think of it as the angel and the devil. Society is the devil and the way you are is the angel. I am not saying its bad to be someone else but make sure its relevant to what you like. Like how can you want to get muscular and have ripped abs but yet you don't like working out or even eat healthy. There has to be a balance between the two. You can't be exactly the same but if they role model fits your category then go for it but don't let others choose that for you. You have the freedom to do what you want. But remember that there is limits to having freedom. Don't let anyone overpower who you are.